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MV Alucia Superyacht Refit

This 55.75 meter (183 ft) 1,857 tonne Expedition superyacht has undertaken a comprehensive refit at Orams Marine Services during 2013.

Alucia was designed to go far off the beaten track with multi-role exploration capabilities. Her two submersibles can dive 3,280 ft and extended capability is built into every aspect of the ship. In conjunction with her decompression chamber, mixed-gas dive support, powerful sonar and tenders, make her one of the world’s most sophisticated sub-sea exploration platforms. Alucia is ice strengthened and has a cruising range of 10,000 nautical miles.
Notable expedition projects include working with Hollywood director Jim Cameron to discover the remains of Titanic.

Major works included:
Specialist coatings including deck surfaces flybridge plus foredeck
New exhaust and pipework system including new HUGS exhaust cleaning system
Manufacturer and installation of funnel extension

Hydraulic servicing of all main systems
Assist in installation of new vessel monitoring system and electrical distribution controls
Redesigned manufacturer and install three crew cabins and alterations and improvements to ensuites

Completely refurbish the submarine trolley system
Replace an upgrade of air compressor system

Servicing of water makers and wastewater treatment plant
Design and installation of submarine access platform

Refurbishment of aerial masts


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